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News: GC06 Day Nine, 6:15am EDT

- AND SO IT BEGINS.. Network Bishops Issue Statement. Photos from the Network Bishops Press Conference, this afternoon: copyright Mike Daley. VIDEO 27: Network Bishop's Press Conference ... (gencon06)

Bishops who signed the Network (orthodox) Bishops Document....

The Rt. Rev. Keith Lynn Ackerman, Diocese of Quincy
The Rt. Rev. James M. Adams Jr., Diocese of Western Kansas
The Rt. Rev. Peter H. Beckwith, Diocese of Springfield
The Rt. Rev. Robert Wm. Duncan, Diocese of Pittsburgh
The Rt. Rev. Daniel W. Herzog, Diocese of Albany
The Rt. Rev. Jack L. Iker, Diocese of Fort Worth
The Rt. Rev. Edward L. Salmon, Jr., Diocese of South Carolina*
The Rt. Rev. John-David Schofield, Diocese of San Joaquin
The Rt. Rev. James M. Stanton, Diocese of Dallas*
The Rt. Rev. Henry W. Scriven, Diocese of Pittsburgh
The Rt. Rev. William J. Skilton, Diocese of South Carolina
The Rt. Rev. William J. Cox, Retired
The Rt. Rev. Alex D. Dickson, Retired

- RECENT STAND FIRM: Greg Griffith: Video of Network Bishops' Press Conference, Part 1 -- Commentary: Defiance -- Minority Report: A STATEMENT OF CONSCIENCE FROM BISHOP CHANE AND OTHERS ... (standfirminfaith)

- A BYWORD-- Mark Roberts ".. we decided to get our fair share of the spotlight by acting rather like the Episcopalians" ... (freerep)

- RUTH GLEDHILL-- "It's a Girl and Jesus is her Mother"-- the full article here; Episcopal Descrecration Convention Continues. Our Mother Jesus . . . a sermon by US church's new head ... (timescolumns, Freerep)

- ENS SPIN-MONKEYS dance for their chow-- Convention responds to Windsor Report's call for moratorium; Archbishop of Canterbury responds to Convention's Windsor-related actions. Deputies adopt $152 million budget for next triennium; Two Windsor resolutions get deputies OK; Text of Presiding Bishop Frank Griswold's June 21 message to a Joint Session ... (ENS)

- ON THAT 'FATHER MARY' sermon by Chatty Kathy: "Color Me Puzzled" ... (lobsterhouse)

- BABY BLUE: "I can see clear now the rain has gone" ... (

- UTERUSBYTERIANS-- In the Name of the Mother, Child, and Womb; Mohler weighs in, as does Paul Dean ... (CT, crosswalk)

- CLARITY: "This is clarity. They're too divided, they're too fractured," said the Rev. Ellis Brust of the American Anglican Council just after the resolution failed in the house of deputies. "You cannot reconcile two worldviews by committee." ... (ctsix)

- RUSSIAN ROULETTE WINNER! -- The Presbyterian Church, USA Votes for Schism ... (hughhewitt)

- THINKING ANGLICANS-- Canterbury on B033: 'grateful' but 'not clear' ... (thinkinganglicans)

- DRELL : "Yesterday and Today - The Church Hanging In The Balance" ... (descant)

- COLUMBUS: Resolution B033 ... (thinkinganglicans)

- CLOSE BUT NO CIGAR-- "My gracious lord of Canterbury weighs in on GenCon"; and "ECUSA doesn't mean it. ECUSA doesn't even remotely mean it" ... (

- CAP'N YIPS: "I'll have more to say later, but I can't pass up John Chane's comments" ... (captainyips)

- VIA CONTINUUM-- "Another Cry of the Orthodox" ... (all2common)

- ECUSA - “giving a false impression that they intend actually to comply” ... (

- GRIZMUMBLES-- "diversity.. reconciliation.. diverse center.. reconciling agent.. goal of reconciliation and bringing justice.. reconciled.. ministers of reconciliation" ... (standfirminfaith)

- GREG GRIFFITH-- Video Interview: George Conger and Andrew Carey ... (standfirminfaith)

- BBC STORY: "The US Episcopal Church has agreed to "exercise restraint" in appointing gay bishops in an effort to prevent its expulsion from the Anglican communion" ... (bbc.)

- SUSAN RUSSELL-- "Grande Finale" ... (voicesofcolumbus)

- ESSENTIALS Press Release-- Episcopal Church General Convention votes to “walk apart” from Global Anglican ... (EC)

- WHITEHALL-- father thorpus: day 9; and days 8 and 9; more on day 8; and Day 8 proper ... (

- MORE REVELATIONS from the Oracle of Vegas PB-Elect: “Whether its my bank account or my sense of control. Unless we can make sense of the blood of the cross, we will live in fear. That bloody cross brings new life into the world. That sweaty, bloody, tear-stained cross bears life. Our mother Jesus [yes, folks. That is what she said.] gives new birth to a new creation and we are his children.” ... (anglicansunited)

- CT6 LIST OF GC Videos ... (

- FROM COLUMBUS: Resolutions rise and fall only within Convention confines ... (ENS)

- PRESS RELEASE BY TODD H. WETZEL on the current state of ECUSA ... (anglicansunited)

- SCOTTISH EPISCOPAL Greetings sent to Rt Rev Katherine Jefferts Schori ... (

- MARK SHEA: "The ECUSA is manifestly an enemy of the gospel now. Similarly, if the PCUSA decides to scrap baptism in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, it will likewise render invalid all its future baptisms in the name of the god of trendiness (as well as constituting a direct assault on the sacrament of baptism, just as the ECUSA is assaulting practically everything in the Catholic tradition). Frankly, nobody needs that, especially other Protestants. So please feel free to help euthanize these two dying Liberal Theology Clubs by removing yourself from them and joining your energies to the preservation of orthodoxy in union with Rome. You'll be glad you did!" ... (

- VIDEO 23: Interview with Canon Fenton about CT 6 and POR ... (ctsix)

- SLOUCHING TOWARDS GOMORRAH-- Catholic League to Canadians Who Oppose Gay Marriage: "Prepare to be further marginalized" ... (lifesite)

- CURT JESTER on ECUSA's Helping to push people into the Tiber ... (curtjester)

- BE AFRAID-- Bloggers gaining power with Southern Baptists ... (freerep)

- LIZ-- SOME CHEESE with your whine? ... (kahuliz)

- BIRMINGHAM, Ala. - Presbyterian congregations get some autonomy on gay clergy; Presbyterians to Re-Examine Israel Policy ... (decaturdaily, chron)

Dissenting Bishops Speak Out

*Note: The bishops' names attached to this statement will be posted as soon as possible on both the AAC and Anglican Communion Network websites ( and, respectively).

June 21, 2006

For Immediate Release

Bishops’ Statement: General Convention Actions Inadequate


We, the undersigned, Bishops of the Episcopal Church make the following statement:

In the wake of the action by this House granting consent to the consecration of Canon V. Gene Robinson as Bishop of New Hampshire in 2003, many of us in this House made an appeal to the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Primates of the Anglican Communion “to intervene in the pastoral emergency that has overtaken us.” That appeal was heard and the Archbishop called for an extraordinary meeting of the Primates on 15–16 October, 2003. The Primates spoke forthrightly and unanimously about the consequences that would ensue across the Communion in the event that the consecration went forward, warning that it would “tear the fabric of our Communion at its deepest level.” They also called for the formation, under a mandate given by the Archbishop, of the Lambeth Commission on Communion. This General Convention has now given its response to the recommendations of the work of that Commission, known as the Windsor Report.

Now, once again, we find the need to speak candidly. The responses which the Convention has given to the clear and simple requests of the Lambeth Commission, the clear and simple requests indeed of the Anglican Communion, are clearly and simply inadequate. We reaffirm our conviction that the Windsor Report provides the way forward for the entire Anglican Communion, the ecumenical relationships of the Communion, and the common life of a faithful Episcopal Church. Further, we have agreed to submit ourselves to the Windsor Report’s requirements, both in what it teaches and in the discipline it enjoins. We have not changed in our commitment.

Sadly, because of statements made by members of this House at this Convention, we must question whether this General Convention is misleading the rest of the Communion by giving a false perception that they intend actually to comply with the recommendations of the Windsor Report. We therefore disassociate ourselves from those acts of this Convention that do not fully comply with the Windsor Report.

It is our intention not only to point to the inadequacies of the General Convention’s responses, but to declare to our brothers and sisters in Christ throughout the Communion that we continue as The Episcopal Church in this country who uphold and propagate the historic faith and order we have come to know through the Anglican heritage of apostolic teaching and biblical faith; who desire to be fully a constituent member of the Anglican Communion; and who are ready to embrace and live under the Windsor Report without equivocation. Accordingly, we repudiate the actions of the General Convention of 2003 which have breached the bonds of affection within the Communion. We bishops have committed to withhold consents for any persons living in same gender relationships who may be put forward for consecration as a bishop of the Church. And we have refused to grant authority for the blessing of sexual relationships outside Christian Marriage in our jurisdictions. We intend to go forward in the Communion confidently and unreservedly.

Our chief concern now is to fulfill our charge as bishops of the Church of God in the Anglican tradition to “guard the faith, unity and discipline” of the Church. Pastoral care and apostolic teaching must not only be given to our own dioceses, but to all the faithful in this country who seek apostolic oversight and support. We will take counsel together to fulfill our service on behalf of faithful Anglicans in this country, both clergy and laity, and to proclaim the Gospel and build up the Church of our Lord Jesus Christ, and we seek the support of the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Primates and Bishops of the Anglican Communion as we do so.


Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Jenny Abel
Assistant to the Director of Communications
American Anglican Council
2296 Henderson Mill Road, NE
Suite 406
Atlanta, GA 30345-2739
770-414-1518 (fax)

Essentials Press Release

Anglican Essentials Canada NEWS RELEASE

Episcopal Church General Convention votes to “walk apart” from Global Anglican Communion by Clear Rejection of Windsor Report Recommendations


Columbus, OH - Anglican Essentials Canada expresses solidarity and empathy with our orthodox brothers and sisters in the U.S. who are grieving the actions of the General Convention of the Episcopal Church (TEC formerly ECUSA) this week. These actions make clear the intention of TEC to “walk apart” or separate from the global Anglican Communion. While we hoped and prayed that they would repent and accept the recommendations of the Windsor Report, we are thankful for the clarity given by their actions.

In defeating Motion A161, TEC not only refused to express any regret for their actions which have “torn the fabric of the Communion at its deepest level”, but they have also clearly and unequivocally rejected the recommendations of the Windsor Report. The recommendations of the Windsor Report were made to help heal this wounded Communion, but instead TEC has further destabilized it with this vote.

In addition, the election of Presiding Bishop-Elect, Katharine Jefferts Schori, whose theological position is well known and contrary to the expressed position of the Anglican Communion on issues of human sexuality will exacerbate further the current tensions in the Communion and in the ongoing Ecumenical dialogue with other Christian denominations.

We are deeply grateful for the biblical stand taken by faithful individuals and organizations throughout the proceedings of the General Convention, particularly Bishop Robert Duncan, Canon David Anderson, Canon Kendall Harmon, the Anglican Communion Network and the American Anglican Council.

The actions of the Episcopal Church this week have increased greatly our concern for the Anglican Church of Canada, which has also been called to address and respond to the recommendations of the Windsor Report at our General Synod in 2007. Anglican Essentials Canada is strengthened in our resolve to remain in full communion with the global Anglican Communion and we pray that the Anglican Church of Canada will not vote to “walk apart” from that Communion as TEC has done.



Stand Firm.. they have all the back and forth and froth....

BBlueBlog: "Debate Continues in House of Deputies"

"One Church - Two Minds" New PB Says. New PB speaks to House of Deputies... She is begging the House of Deputies to pass this resolution. "This is the best we're going to manage in this point of our church's history," the Presiding Bishop-elect said Katharine Jefferts Schori tells the House of Deputies. She said it without any enthusiasm or confidence.

Stand Firm-- PB elect: "I thank you for your invitation. Yesterday the bishop of LA spoke eloquently of living in a church with two minds and as he was speaking an image arose in my mind, the image of conjoined twins. Two bodies in one being. And when they wrestle with separating the twins, doctors recognize it is wrong unless both can live full lives. We are in a church like that. This creature, this body is not wholly one and is not wholly two. The resolution that stands before you is far from adequate but it is the best we are going to do. I am fully committed to the full inclusion of gays and lesbians. I do not understand this resolution as slamming the door. And if you adopt this we must work with all our might to find a common mind. This is not easy to say to you but I think it is the best we are going to manage."

The Prophet Louie: "I speak in opposition to this resolution. I wish I could do otherwise. I am thankful for this convention dealing with hard issues. I am particularly thankful to those who are my friends bt who disagree. I speak against this because the resolution is like cutting the tongue out of the HS. I believe in the HS. I believe in the bible. And I believe in the HS. That does not mean that I am right..."

Video 25: The Very Rt Rev Frank Griswold addresses both houses

WHAT GC FEELS LIKE-- "I am 31. My wife is 28 wks pregnant. I am tired of being bullied around this house. We have a responsibility to hear this out. I want to leave here and say the church I serve as a priest has decided to leave here together and continue the conversation. We are a pregnant church we are bearing the light of Christ. It cannot be the choice of this house to enact schism. I refuse it."

News: GC06 Day Nine, 11:00am EDT

- JESUS IS A GIRL! "Presiding Bishop Elect Schori has found the Fat Lady's Microphone".. Schori: "Mother Jesus has begun a new creation", From morning Eucharist 6/21/2006. And don't miss the widdle bunny! No word on evil Alexandrian hedgehogs. SIGH.. and here we were thinking nobody could out-griz the Griz. So: Jesus = our heavenly Mother... WAIT A MINUTE! Schori's trying to turn us all into Presbyterians!! It's a trap! ... (CT6, Cantrell)

- REGRETLESS UNREPENTING RESOLUTION B-033 to be introduced at Joint Session [Ed: doesn't mention ss unions or blessings]; The Final Day begins at General Convention ... (BabyBlue)


- JULIA DUIN-- Episcopalians defeat bid to nix more gay bishops ... (WaTi)

- STAND FIRM: Matt Kennedy: Commentary: The Calculus of Clarity -- A Note on Today's Coverage -- Sarah Hey: Canon regarding right of PB to call joint session -- GC 2006 Quote of the Day -- The Mysterious Will of God ... (SF)

- APOSTOLICITY: "Tomorrow we are to have a joint session to hear from the PB, under the watchful eyes of all the bishops. Do I smell coercion? How do you spell manipulate? Your bishop at your table? It was also reported that the bishops are desperate to keep their seats at the 2008 Lambeth Conference. Tea and crumpets anyone? At what cost?" ... (Cantrell)

- VIDEO 20: Interview Brad Drell on the Joint session of bishops and deputies ... (ctsix)

- NUNLEY & HORDE: From Columbus: Resolutions rise and fall only within Convention confines; Two Windsor resolutions get deputies OK; Bishops, Deputies to meet in joint Windsor session; General Convention Nightly (Tuesday, June 20, 2006) Watch Video; all the Convention Dailies ... (ENS)

- FR. CANTRELL: "Notes from this afternoon and evening" ... (

- SABEEL’S NAIM ATEEK RECEIVES PEACE AWARD FROM EPISCOPAL PEACE FELLOWSHIP -- Peacemakers honored for work in Jerusalem, Columbus. So: we're a bit wobbly on disinvestment and openly hating Israel, but we'll reward those who are proponents of same, purveying a twisted and malignant viewpoint which aids & abets the Islamists, above all. Oh wait.. this is EXCUSA. Our bad ... (Various)

- TELEGRAPH: "Episcopal delegates reject temporary ban on gay bishops" ... (Telegraph)

- RICHARD KEW: "Beyond General Convention" ... (

- SAM CANDLER: The Episcopal Church Needs Mercy; Schism threat after failure of middle way; In Response to the Exhausting caricatures of Reasserters ... (Via T-19)

- 2 MAINLINE denominations could fracture over gay rights ... (thejournalnews)

- BRAD DRELL: Yesterday and Today - The Church Hanging In The Balance. Reflection on Today, June 19, 2006, GC2006 ... (Descant)

- FORT WORTH Diocese votes to leave church ... (

- SARMIENTO: "Columbus: last day dawns" ... (thinkinganglicans)

- MEDIA COVERAGE-- Profile: Katharine Jefferts Schori; For an Episcopal Pioneer, the Challenge Is to Unite; Ms. Jefferts Schori says marginalized are welcome ... (Various)

- TEC =THE EMPTYING CHURCH: "A New Exodus? Americans are Exiting Liberal Churches" ... (freerep)

- RECENT Clarifications from Bishop John Howe ... (titusonenine)

- VIA CT-6-- Connecticut: Reflecting On Church's New Leader ... (

- A MESSAGE From Bishop MacPherson ... (descant)

Delegates listen to the debate during
the Episcopal General Convention Tuesday, June 20, 2006
in Columbus, Ohio. Episcopal clergy and lay delegates
Tuesday rejected a demand from fellow Anglicans
that they temporarily stop electing gay bishops,
leaving little chance the proposal could be revived
at a national church meeting. (AP Photo/Kiichiro Sato)

- NOW, BEFORE any smart-aleck growls on us about "Jesus = Mother" as grounded in bra-burning uber-feminist proto-radical Dame Julian of Norwich, let's remember the following-- "Julian never hesitate to speak of Jesus Christ as "our mother." In this, however., she was not supporting the current feminisation of God. She knew that God is Father, Son, and Holy Spirit -- eternally, and that this God dwells in Jesus of Nazareth. (Col. 2:9) In speaking of Christ as "our mother" Julian was merely likening the work of Christ to that of a mother. He gives birth to those who are "born again." Like a mother, he suffers for them before, during and after "delivery." He must patiently nourish, safeguard and instruct those who are born of him. In none, of this, however, was Julian anticipating the contemporary argument that God is "she."." Unless we want to make Julian a sock-puppet for our errors and heresies ... (victorshepherd)

- US CHURCH REJECTS GAY FREEZE, fuelling the risk of a split in the global Anglican movement ... (freerep)

- CT VIDEO 21: Interview with Chris Sugden -- What the ABC thinks ... (ctsix)

- MORE INTEGRITHINK: "The Right to Have Rites".. the cry of sin: "All we want are our rights!" ... (

- CANTUAR TALES: "Father Nelson Stirring the Pot"; What Should an Episcopalian Do? The Peril of Christian Private Judgment ... (

- PIMPING FOR THE DEVOLUTION-- "Fathers’ (sic) Day-- The Boston Globe decided to celebrate Father’s Day on Sunday by flacking for the normalization of two gay men playacting at family. " ... (Bettnet)

Donald Curran of Central Florida speaks during
the debate as the Episcopal General Convention
tried to decide Tuesday, June 20, 2006 in Columbus,
Ohio whether they should bar gays from serving
as bishops for now. Delegates are considering
a moratorium to appease fellow Anglicans angry
about the 2003 consecration of the first
openly gay Episcopal bishop, V. Gene Robinson
of New Hampshire. (AP Photo/Kiichiro Sato)

News: GC06 Day Nine, 7:45am EDT

- DEAN LOBS: "By 578 to 242 the House of Deputies refuses to consider (i.e. they killed it), resolution D058 entitled, "Salvation in Christ Alone." This is to this writer the most grievous decision of the Convention. It will get little press or exposure though as it has no sex or sizzle" ... (lobs)

- VIDEO 19: Interview Martin Minns. Schedule and news: Please consider donating ... (ctsix)

- THE FORBIDDEN TOPIC THAT ECUSA REFUSES TO DISCUSS-- "Persons who deal with same-sex attraction in a way that is faithful to Scripture are heroes of the church," Dr. Robert Gagnon said Monday afternoon, because they take "very seriously" the message of the Gospel ... (freerep)

- GRISWOLD LEGACY-WATCH-- Joint Session Called, to Meet Tomorrow Morning. The official legislation page is here, and all significant, final legislation and actions by General Convention will also be posted online here on the AAC's General Convention website ... (aacblog)

- RESOLUTION 166 on Anglican Covenant; Resolution 159 now finally passed; Griswold proposes joint meeting of HoB and HoD. House of Bishops on Windsor ... (AM)

- AFRICAN BISHOP The Rt Revd Macleord Baker Ochola at General Convention ... (Reader Blog)

- COUNTING YOUR CHICKENS-- "ECUSA's House of Deputies did manage to pass this resolution" ... (mcj)

- ESSENTIALS REPORTING: "Over the past 50 years, a subtle, yet powerful campaign has been waged within the Anglican Church of Canada to promote a new religion, one of accommodation to the “values” of an affluent western culture and the spirit of the age. The growing concern of Canadian Anglicans with this development has resulted in an upwelling grassroots response all across our country" ... (AE)

- THINKING ANGLICANS-- Resolution A161 rejected by ECUSA Deputies ... (TA)

- ANIMAL TALK: "For the rare member of TEC who dares to stand up for truth at the expense of feeling, Schori and the Convention that elected her, mean exclusion from the wider Church and that particular part of it which she represents. In the rest of the world, where Anglicans appear to have a firmer grip on reality, TEC’s peace and its newfound champion, Bishop Schori, can only be seen as an act of aggression" ... (Via CT6)

- LIVING CHURCH: Resolution A161 Defeated in House of Deputies; Procedural Motions Dominate Morning Debate in HOD June 20; New Presiding Bishop Elicits Hope, Caution... (LC)

- DIOGENES: "Dr. Rowan Williams appears to have nodded off in the midst of his own official reaction to the election of Katharine Jefferts Schori as the next Presiding Bishop of ECUSA -- arguably the drowsiest prose of its kind ever penned" ... (CWNews)

- CURT JESTER-- "Katherine Jefferts Schori herself is an ex-Catholic" ... (CJ)

- WHAT EXACTLY Was Voted Down In Resolution A-161 (The shot heard around the world) ... (lobs)

- GUARDIAN-- "Pressure on Williams as US church ponders gay bishops"... (Gdn)

- THE POGROM SHAPES UP: "In Canada Even "Moderates" are Tarred as Extremists" ... (

- AFRICAN BISHOP The Rt Revd Macleord Baker Ochola at General Convention ... (Reader Blog)

- WORD TO THE SHEEPS: a real pastoral letter from Rob Lord+ ... (rob_weblog)

- VIDEO 19: Interview Martin Minns. Schedule and news: Please consider donating ... (ctsix)

- NAIL IN THE COFFIN? "But is there a stake through ECUSA's heart? Not yet. th the failure of A161, Rowan Williams' job is easier, however obscure the path is still. The bipartisan defeat makes it seem that the two sides have realized that they can no longer walk together. What now? Thoughts tomorrow, maybe" ... (captainyips)

- INTEGRITY DAILY BULLETIN SUPPLEMENT: What Difference Does A Woman Make? A Brave New World ... (I-US)

- AFTER FURTHER REVIEW-- "There's one more act in the play"; and "The House of Deputies officially killed the following resolution" ... (mcj)

- VIDEO: The Shot Heard Around the World (Schori I, II, III)... (

- NOW WHAT?-- "Rowan Williams must have been praying that ECUSA would give him something. Some kind of weak, toothless moratorium resolution that he could talk himself into believing was Windsor-compliant" ... (

- CONTINUOID: "The Wisdom of Rhett Butler" ... (ac)

- HOMOSEXUALITY-- Gay clergy: the state of the debate ... (RLink)

- MARK SHEA: "With the ECUSA reduced to a smoking heap of rubble... the PCUSA becomes the next to sell its birthright for a pot of message." Diogenes: "Designer deities soon to be available from L.L. Bean" ... (CAEI, CWN)

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

- BREAKING NEWS - Presiding Bishop Calls for Joint Session Wednesday Morning to ReConsider Windsor Report ... (BBlue)

- BREAKING: House of Bishops take up discussion of Windsor - Gene Robinson speaks to the House on Windsor; Gene Robinson on response to Windsor ... (Various)

- VIA BABY BLUE: "Bishops Continue Speaking on Windsor" ... (

- MATT KENNEDY: HOD Upholds Discharge of Resolution upholding the Uniqueness of Christ ... (standfirminfaith)

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News: GC06 Day Eight, 5pm EDT

CaNN Elf Bunker
Kendall BackUp

- WINDSOR CRASH: Response from Canon Martyn Minns, Truro Church ... (anglican-mainstream)

- BBC NEWS-- "US Church defiant on gay bishops
Members of the US Episcopal Church reject a demand from Anglicans that they stop appointing gay bishops" ...

- RUTH GLEDHILL: "Division is of the devil" says church leader. Latest on TEC" ... (

Read more »

ECUSA Rejects Windsor


Regret Repent Vaguely Uncomfortable

Windsor Resolution fails

LAY: 38 yes 53 no 18 divided: Motion fails
CLERGY: 44 yes 53 no 14 divide Motion fails


Stand Firm is liveblogging... so is BabyBlue

CLARITY: n: [Middle English clarite, brightness, from Latin claritas, clearness, from clarus, clear] free from obscurity and easy to understand; the comprehensibility of clear expression

News: GC06 Day Eight, Noon EDT

- ALTERNATE LINKS in case of site problems: .. ... (titusonenine)

- KENDALL HARMON: We are hoping to introduce a substitute resolution today which adheres closely to the key language of the Windsor Report ... (titusonenine)

- GREG GRIFFITH: While I Have Your Attention... A way to help families who suffered from Hurricane Katrina ... (standfirminfaith)

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Monday, June 19, 2006

News: GC06 Day Seven, Late Edition

- WE DIDN'T SAY IT: "It seems to me that we would all be better served when momentous events happen (and in Anglicanism you know they will) if we had a better-funded, better-equipped Classical Anglican Net News to keep us informed, educated, amused, and yes, even inspired" ... (prydain)

- CHRISTIANITY TODAY-- Episcopalians Elect Female Nevada Bishop as Top Leader. Conservatives see election as confirmation of church's 'revisionist theology,' while one diocese appeals for alternative oversight ... (CT)

- RECON -- "In case Episcopal conservatives want to know what they're in for, a commenter refers me to this interview with the next Presiding Bishop" -- RETURNING FIRE: "Fort Worth shoots back" ... (

- LONDON TIMES-- Anglicans ‘are close to anarchy’ in dispute over female bishop; A house divided ... (timesonline)

- THE AAC'S General Convention 2006 Photo Gallery ... (americananglican)

- WHITEHALL Blog: Just go read everything ... (

- STAND FIRM LIVEBLOGGING continues.. "Since the Watergate era the phrase non denial denial, the WR asks us to give a clear and unambiguous answer. In this resolution we give a non response response. Our regrets fail to acknowleged what we have done. The second resolve does not say we will not do so again and finally our apologies to our GLBT brethren are far more sincere than our apologies to the AC" ... (standfirminfaith)

- JULIA DUIN, Ohio -- The Episcopal Church has elected the world's first female presiding bishop ... (wpherald)

- THE IRD REPORTING-- Apologizing for the Previous Apology: A Hearing on ECUSA's Middle East Policy; Episcopal Bishops Choose Jefferts Schori as Next Presiding Bishop; Testimony Before the National and International Concerns Committee on Resolution B012 ... (IRD)

- ENGLAND-- FiF UK reacts to Bishop Schori's election. A statement on behalf of the Council of Forward in Faith in the UK ... (FiF)

- MEDIA COVERAGE-- Former Catholic elected first Anglican female primate; Episcopalians Get Ready for Gay Ban Vote; Will a New Female Leader Trigger an Episcopal Divorce? Archbishop of Canterbury hints at schism? ... (Various)

- PETER TOON: "The Episcopal Church intends to walk alone" ... (prydain)

- THINKING ANGLICANS-- Simon's latest news roundup ... (thinkinganglicans)

- MORE MCJ BLOGGER-- BREAKDOWN: "According to Ruth Gledhill, the Anglican split has officially begun" -- COMPLIANTOUSNESS: "In and of itself, the election of Katharine Jefferts Schori as ECUSA Presiding Bishop means nothing" -- NUDGE, NUDGE, WINK, WINK: "Captain Yips thinks the fix was in" ... (

- ANOTHER GOOD 'UN-- "Fellow CaNNet blogger, Alice Linsley, who often posts on Brad Drell’s blog, just announced that because of today’s election, she will join the Antiochian Orthodox Church." ... (all2common)

- A CaNN PRESIDING BISHOP? -- (Standing ovation. Cheers of “IRNS for ABC!”) ... (rathernot)

- CAPTAIN YIPS: Launch Escape Pods Now; "As a person now outside The (soon to be) Empty Church, but not outside Anglicanism: as a long-time observer of Frank Griswold, dating to his arrival as Bishop of Chicago: and as a lifelong victim of Illinois politics, it appears to me that Bp. Jefferts Schori’s election yesterday was carefully if precariously engineered." ... (captainyips)

- NEUHAUS: Just go read everything ... (firstthings)

- ENS-MINIONS toe party line: "Anglican leaders reflect favorably on Jefferts Schori" ... (

- ANGLICANISM, the Network, and Women’s Ordination: "Now that there will be a woman in the position of Presiding Bishop, from the Catholic perspective there will be a vacancy of office" ... (A2C)

- PONTIFICATOR: Is this the last straw for you? -- "Within an hour after the announcement of Jefferts Schori’s election as the new Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church, I received an email from a young Episcopal priest declaring that he now knew that he must become Catholic. What do I now do, he asked?" ... (pontifications)

- DREHER: "Ten years from now, they'll be proposing "Groucho, Chico and Harpo" with a straight face, so as not to marginalize the Slapstick-American community." More: RJN on ECUSA's suicide ... (

- CONTINUUM: "GC2006 -What Now?" ... (

- MARK SHEA: Our Funny Little Episcopal Friends-- Latest hijinx: passing a resolution condemning the Bible as "anti-Jewish". Meanwhile, Cat Condemned by Episcopal Convention as Anti-Semitic ... (CAEI)

- SEXUAL ORIENTATION & personhood: The Anglican Scotist vs. Father WB ... (pontifications)

- INTEGRITTY NEWS, LINKS, PIX, etc. for those who like that sort of thing (scroll down) ... (integrityusa)

- DEWEY, CHEATHAM, AND HOWE-- "Let us briefly leave Columbus and travel to Birmingham, Alabama where the Presbyterians are having language issues of their own" ... (mcj)

- GAYS HAVE emerged as the new protected class in America ... (townhall)

- STRANGE GODS: Presbyterians to Vote on Gay Clergy Bill ... (freerep)

- CANUCKI UPSIDEDOWNISTAN-- "CTV suggests speaker should have apologized for being pro-traditional-marriage"; Liberal-left gay supporters turn to terrorism-light to spread their message of tolerance ... (proudtobecanadian)

- MAGISTATS: "Does marriage matter for the nurturing of children?"... (magicstatistics)

- THE SECULAR INQUISITION-- "Would anyone ever have imagined that one day it would become illegal in Britain to teach children to follow precepts laid down in the Bible? Or that a priest, a rabbi or an imam might fall foul of the law by refusing to bless a sexual union between same–sex couples?" ... (melaniephillips)

- HMMM-- sounds a lot like like EXCUSA: "baby-boomer liberalism: the narcissism thinly disguised as idealism, the self-pity and flight from accountability, the tendency to lash out at those to whom one owes loyalty" ... (opinionjournal)

- ALL MUST PRAISE OUR NEW GLORIOUS RULERS! -- "Documents Reveal Government Signed Over Control of Education to Homosexual Activists".. not to mention all those kids ... (lifesite)

- WOMBYTERIANS-- Curt Jester is just a little puzzled ... (curtjester)

- MUST-SEE FUN: 'Duel of the Seminarians' ... (dawneden)

Pray For This Man
His burden is large and the conundrum handed him by the American Episcopal Church cannot be overstated

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GC2006 News -- 2: 19.June.AD2006

- PREVIOUS NEWS for the Day ... (Us)

- BLOGGER & RoboPriest-Matt-Kennedy, The fingers behind Stand Firm ... (CT6)

- GET RELIGION-- All eyes are on Canterbury (again) ... (getreligion)

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GC2006 News -- 1: 19.June.AD2006

Newest items first

- GLEDHILL-- "Episcopal church unravels as Forth Worth appeals for 'alternative oversight'" ... (timescolumns)

- WORD FROM CANTERBURY: Archbishop – ‘Prayers’ for new Presiding Bishop. Feel the ringing enthusiasm ... (ABofC)

- BREAKING....Ft WORTH APPEALS For OVERSIGHT.. This statement was just read from the floor of the House of Deputies and the House of Bishops ...

“The bishop and the standing committee of the diocese of Ft Worth appeal in good faith to the ABC, the Primates of the Anglican Communion and the Panel of Reference for immediate alternative Primatial Oversight and Pastoral care following the election of Katherine Jefferts Schori as Presiding Bishop of The Episcopal Church.

This action is taken as a cooperative member of the Anglican Communion Network in light of the Windsor Report and its recommendations at a meeting convened on June 18, 8.53pm eastern daylight time, moved by the Very Rev Ryan Reed, seconded the Very Rev Christopher Cantrell. Vote: unanimous in favour.

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